The term “COG” not only represents the initials of our church name, it also symbolizes the value of being connected. You see, a “COG” is a tooth on a gear wheel. Alone a “COG” is limited in its usefulness, but when that cog is placed on a gear wheel and then connected to other gears it will fulfill it’s purpose. In that same way, COG groups help each one of us fulfill our purpose by connecting to God and to one another. COG Groups are a place to connect scripture to life, share our stories, support one another and grow deeper in our faith.

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What is a COG Group?

COG Groups are about making connections: connecting deeply with people through small group meetings, and connecting with Christ through Bible-centered  study and prayer.

What do COG Groups do when they meet?

COG Groups last from 2 to 3 hours and are led by devoted church leaders. COG Groups follow a format that includes a time for fellowship, study and discussion, refreshments and prayer. Study topics vary from year to year and group to group, but all feature a Bible-centered study and may use a variety of other media or books to facilitate learning and discussion.

When and where do COG Groups meet?

Each COG Group is usually held in the relaxed atmosphere of someone’s home. Occasionally a group will meet at church. While most groups occur in the evening we do occasionally have daytime groups. We try to schedule meeting times to fit various schedules and various locations so that everyone can find a group that fits their own needs.